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Yes I am posting with this as my subject even though it's the 20th January. Today is the day I'm heading out back to chop up the Christmas Tree for easier disposal! It's also the day I post about the lovely things people sent me for Christmas and other thoughts on the end of the year! 

So I didn't complete the [ profile] adventchallenge , but I don't feel so bad about that. It was my first time and I gave it a good go! Unfortunately I've been creatively barren for most of this month (perhaps I shall picture my writer's block as some sort of Stygian beast so as to make my efforts at battling against it appear more heroic in my mind - hand me my broadsword, fellows!) which is no good thing. 

The only cure for writer's block write, of course! 

Which is why we should have another commentficwar or fic remix or someone should send me some magic beans or better yet a bottle of absinthe and book of French poetry so I can feel like a proper author. 

In three days it will be the one year anniversary of this journal! I can't believe I've managed to meet so many wonderful people in that time. Some of you I don't know as well as others, but you're all cherished. It sounds over the top, but I've always been quite shy online - it's lovely to see what nice people are really out there. 

Just look at these lovely cards! So many thanks to [ profile] the_me09 , [ profile] timewillrewind  and [ profile] unsettledink   ♥


Plus, I now have what is easily my favourite Christmas ornament ever (and most definitely did not get packed away with the others but has a cushy little spot amidst the other assorted oddities on my bookshelf) from [ profile] the_me09 - as well as a hilarious mug that other people in the house keep stealing, hmph. 



Christmas is over but I'm still going to say - joy to the world! Let's have another year of awesome. 
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