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 I just got back from watching X-Men: First Class. If you haven't seen it yet, go, go! 

why don't you teach your heart to feel 
and give you love love
give you love love

Oh god I can barely sit still long enough to post this. *wiggles toes*

This is what Take That sounds like now? Take That?! Wait. Is that. Robbie is back? He's been back for A YEAR? Clearly I live under a rock, but I am so fucking down with this news, you have no idea. And what the hell, Gary, lookin' good man. My mind, it is reeling.

Ah, anyway. Woa. X-Men: First Class. What a great film. Rekindled all the good feelings that X-Men 3 had pummelled into dust. 
The Erik/Charles dynamic played out pretty much how I expected, but it was still fun to watch. If you wanted to ship them, all the pieces are there ready for you to pick up, but man, Erik deserves better than Charles. 
Loved the back and forth at the start. Erik IS James Bond. Charles IS . . . writing a thesis. Erik is killing nazis. Charles is reading some girl's mind so he can buy her a drink. McAvoy did a brilliant job, the character is interesting and faceted and understandable. Same goes for Fassbender. 
I really wanted to shake Xavier the entire film at times. It was incredibly obnoxious and frustrating (though, it made perfect sense for his character) the way he treated Mystique and the things he had to say about the whole issue of appearance. He really never made an effort to climb down from this privileged tower of having an invisible mutation and really think about how it must feel for someone like her. 
And Mystique was very cool. 
Bonus points to Azazel and Riptide for looking so damn sharp while they kicked ass. Darwin and Havok's obvious little thing and Kevin Bacon for being excellently creepy.
I'm glad they didn't really push any romance subplot. Was Moira supposed to be a romantic interest for Charles? I'm not sure, but she was incredibly forgettable anyway. 
The scenes at the start with young Erik were really chilling. I'm slightly surprised they went that far with a 12A certificate. The way Erik disposes of Shaw in the end was pleasantly gruesome. I'm used to villains in these sorts of films meeting their death by falling from a height, dying in an explosion, being invisibly crushed by some large piece of falling debris, that kind of thing. I suppose because Erik is the, hmm, the villain or the anti-hero, however you'd like to put it, they can actually get away with him doing a Bad Thing and murdering the antagonist with his own two hands mind powers.  
I'll be happy if they make this into a trilogy as they apparently have plans to. 
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