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So I'm staying with my aunt and uncle and my two wonderful cousins, Dorothy (11) and Isabella (9) and after I got invited into Isabella's room to play blackjack I was treated to an amazing guided tour of all her various Doctor Who toys and posters. 

I decided to ask them some questions about the show. We ended up talking about Sherlock as well and I was having trouble breathing by the end of it. 

Me: So what do you like about the eleventh doctor's hair?
Isabella: It's BRILLIANT. It's just so . . . wavy
Dorothy: It's the opposite of Justin Bieber.
Me: So you like this Doctor better than the last one?
(thoughtful silence, then nods)
Dorothy: He's really intelligent!
Isabella: He's cool!
Dorothy: Bella wants to marry him!
Dorothy: (offended) it's fair to have an idol.
Me: So what's the deal with River Song?
Dorothy: When they were doing (eyebrow raise) the time energy got mixed in with the DNA
Isabella: IN THEIR BED!
Dorothy: Noooo it was in the Tardis.
Me: Do you like her?
Isabella: SHE'S REALLY COOL (pause) she shoots people!
Dorothy: The other companions, the other companions never pick up a gun but-
Isabella: She shoots things!
Dorothy: Her outfits are so now.
Isabella: (nods)
Dorothy: (flailing) its so twisted, she's in love with the Doctor and she's been programmed to kill him!
Me: What did you think about Rose?
Isabella: Who's Rose?
Dorothy: For me, she's like a parallel version of River Song, she loves the doctor very much-
Isabella: (dismissive) A duplicate David Tennant Doctor
Dorothy: They can grow old together, it's romantic! (pause) She's like River. The only difference is that she's not an archaeologist.
Me: How will you feel if the Doctor dies in the next episode?
Isabella: (dark) I'll KILL the people who wrote that bit.
Dorothy: It's written by Stephen Moffat.
Me: Hmmm.
Dorothy: What?
Me: I don't think he's very good.
Dorothy: (outraged) HAVE YOU *SEEN* SHERLOCK??
Me: I don't think that's very good.
(Interlude while I get attacked by two indignant little girls and have various pillows thrown at my head)
Dorothy: I liked the way they made him a sociopath.
Me: What did you think of Watson?
Isabella: He sounded gay.
Me: How do you mean?
Isabella: He's not very good with girls so I think he's gay.
Dorothy: He's got a girlfriend!
Me: What do you say to that, Bella?
Isabella: If he really loved her he wouldn't take her out with Sherlock Holmes as well.
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