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So I finally got my last bit of University work done - just about - or at least, my last bit done for the time being. Now I can enjoy the advent season without thinking about all that, at least for a little while. (Except not. I shall be attacked my spectres of stress until my final year is done with, of course.) 

It was my birthday last Friday. Usually I spend my birthday hanging around in bell towers or lurking in sewers or skulking in caverns. This year by some sort of unlikely miracle, I got to spend it with actual, living, breathing, human people. With me of their own free will (more or less *cough*) and not only that, but wonderful people. [ profile] unsettledink, [ profile] scrapbullet and [ profile] the_me09 :D 

Actually the real celebration of the 16th was that it was the premier of Sherlock Holmes: A GAME OF GODDAMN SHADOWS. 

My thoughts let me share them with you. I am not promising coherence. (Now would be a good time to back away slowly) 

I fucking loved Moriarty. I know this is possibly the least surprising thing since the sun rising this morning. But I loved him far more than I actually expected to. Jared Harris was amazing in Mad Men - I should have known that he could pull this off. 

Even though I am predisposed to cheerleading for the villains, I am actually quite picky about this stuff. 

But he loved pigeons! 


I suppose you could say that the pigeon feeding was just a cover activity for writing in his little red book (of contrived failure) but I even if that is the case (and I choose to believe instead that Moriarty genuinely loves pigeons in much the same way that he clearly loves Don Giovanni another incredibly, incredibly MAGNIFICENT plus, since opera loving villains - even if it's something of a cliché, hush - are a weak spot of mine. Possibly best exemplified by Hugh Laurie as Jools Siviter in Spooks: here, here click here if you have not seen this before as it beyond amazing and your life will be vastly improved by such clicking in a way you would not previously have thought possible

...oops, I got lost in parenthesis. 

Ah! Yes, even if the pigeon feeding did not spring from a genuine love of pigeons then the choice of cover activity still says a lot about him as a person. 

Anyway, Jared had a presence and a poise and looking charmingly like a polar bear when he was toppling over the falls with Holmes. 

I know I like a villain when despite knowing better I am still genuinely crestfallen when they fail. 


Stupid little red books. MORIARTY THAT WAS A FOOLISH THING TO DO. 

I had [ profile] unsettledink and [ profile] scrapbullet poking me and gloating during those final moments. HMPH. 

Oh well, I choose to believe that Moran fished him out of the river somehow and he will have just as much fun rebuilding his little criminal empire. 

The scene where the restaurant emptied was beyond bamf. Even though I actually like Irene and felt a bit sorry that she had to die. 

The subtext between Holmes and Watson was not subtext. It was text. It was sparkling, firework writing in the sky. I thought that might annoy me a little bit because my chief grievance with BBC Sherlock is the fact that I feel they acknowledge the ambiguity of Holmes/Watson in order to dismiss it. But really, with SH:GOS all I could think was - this simply makes far more sense if you assume there is something more going on there. 

There is a tension that is far harder to explain otherwise. I don't have any horses in that particular race, but I was quite choked up by Watson's wedding and that little 'don't call it a relationship' scene. 

Occam's razor. Definitely. 

I loved the soundtrack once again. I loved the slow motion and they way they handled that running through the woods scene even though - guys, guys, probably not a good idea to chase after your fugitives while the rest of your team fire giant bombs haphazardly after you. Moran was amazing in that scene and deserved way more than to off some practically no-name redshirt. 

Also. Moran/Moriarty. Yeah . . . I sort of want to pretend that I don't want it. But. I cannot help it. I want it. I can not resist! 

Not that it would be an easy pairing to write about, I have lots of thinky thoughts about that one. But there's something there to be played with, even beyond my initial, predictable attraction of - BAD GUY AND HIS RIGHT HAND MAN. LOVE. LOVE FOREVER AND EVER. 

Mary was . . . Mary and  [ profile] unsettledink will glare at me along with everyone else I think, since people seem to like her, but I do not like Mary. She has a perpetually smug, self-satisfied sort of face and I see no reason for her to feel smug about anything. 

Oh, yes! Mycroft was lovely and I know it's a bit on the nose and, hmmm, I don't know, indulgent? But I loved watching him and Shirley go back and forth and I could easily have watched a whole lot more of that. 

Really, I loved all that back and forth banter in general. I wish there was room for more - if this was TV series for instance. More of Moriarty and Moran, more of Moriarty and Sherlock (Mmm, more of Moriarty in general, his lines were excellent as much as the delivery) more more more. 

Which reminds me that I want dialogue heavy fic where people just natter back and forth. It's really hard to do well because it means you've got to get the characters voices down. But when it's good, it's phenomenal. 

Date: 2011-12-20 05:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yes yes all of this. i adore villains and especially pairs of villains, of course, and i am writing moriarty/moran fyi, because moran is.... amazing incredible etc. also hot. also dedicated, but in a different way than coward, he's just. it's like he has this bone-deep understanding that moriarty actually respects him, like he's so fucking secure in that knowledge that he can do whatever the fuck he wants and they can understand each other with the tiniest signals. and that moran is the only person who isn't afraid of him, and moriarty kind of started out thinking 'you're the only person who could decimate me utterly without trying, i have to keep you close'. and then he slowly began to trust him, and it was disturbing. and, terribly, i'd like to think that moran was part of the reason holmes actually managed to get the jump on moriarty. that he was distracted, he wasn't thinking entirely properly. forgot to water the plants one too many times, etc. didn't notice simza with watson because moran looked too lovely in his suit. etc etc.

UM, WORDS. basically all of this except the bit about mary, predictably, but anyhow yes these movies just plain don't make sense unless watson and holmes have something more than friendship.

Date: 2011-12-21 02:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes! Write it!

I am silly and for some reason I was all . . . argh, noo, I can't ship about villain pairing, that is so predictable, you are so predictable Vice. Stop it! Especially when it was Blackwood/Coward the first time round and now. Welp.

But argh, it IS irresistible. Moran rushing to find Moriarty when Watson destroyed that building, the little look on his face, before and after Moriarty tells him to just go and catch Holmes and co. Ah! And Moriarty telling him he'd have to skip Don Giovanni and just the two of them generally being badasses.

Mmmm *nodsnods* on the tiny signal thing. Moran had this great intensity too. They had what I love about villainous parings which is . . . there's this inherent intimacy to the relationship. Trust and loyalty and also all the fun stuff that comes with amorality or, different morality and danger and criminality and ~things~

Ha, ha, I match your WORDS! :D

Date: 2011-12-21 08:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Things Anne is considering writing:

-Moran going to see Don Giovanni after the movie and being stoic villain sadfaced because Moriarty
-Holmes and Moriarty sexing on a chess table and still shouting out their moves
-Coward working for Moriarty in between movies and ending up as a loose end and that's why he wasn't in GoS
-Watson and Scarf Dude being total bros over how awesome scarves are and fistbumping a lot

Date: 2011-12-21 02:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

so . . .

the first one would make me pull a very sadface but it would be awesome but then I'd have to invent an afterword where Moriarty sits down next to him in the theatre because he survived the fall by . . . science.

sex on a chess table sounds awkward, chess pieces everywhere!

oh yeah there has to be something involving coward somewhere, so much room for explaining that little conundrum

scarfbonding o.o


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