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Wherein I try and make a list of the various bits of fic I have promised people and create a to do list and talk about non existent fandoms and also bemoan my failure with icons. 

I have not written anything in so long. This does not please me. But university has eaten up all my spare time. Woe. D: 

I'm thinking, however, that with a little better time management, I can write fic and do serious work and go the gym and pet [ profile] unsettledink - like some sort of very, very narrowly defined Renaissance man. New Years resolutions are a GREAT and FOOLPROOF idea, right? 


Coward/tentacles - for [ profile] the_me09 I am a terrible person because this should be easy peasy lemon squeazy to write and megiddo wrote me lovely B/C first time fic on promise of payment with tentacle fic. This has to go to the top of the list. 

Girl!Coward demonic pregnancy (sequel to femme fatale but pornier and nastier) - because I promised [ profile] scrapbullet I would and I teased meg with a sample. It's just . . . incredibly gratuitous and I feel kind of embarrassed that my brain is coming up with all these awful, awful things and I imagine everyone looking at it all askance. I mean, some people create sockpuppet journals when they're writing up their really messed up wtf disturbing porn. Obviously I am not terribly embarrassed. It's kind of cracky though and I will probably get carried away and write something horrifying that no one but me will enjoy! :D 

Maybe, maybe, maybe Tony/Peter (as in Stark/Parker :P) for [ profile] scrapbullet again, except I am really, really not at all confident that I could get their voices down well enough to pull it off and that's the important part. I've been reading a bunch of avengers recently and that sort of helps (except of course it completely depends on who is writing and whether or not it sucks horribly) but I am having trouble feeling it. I LOVE the idea of Tony/Peter and I can talk about it in theory, but, yeah . . . 


Something Moran/Moriarty - but I am not sure. I want to see the film again. And I need to tease all those thoughts out in my head. I am not quite sure what I think of them yet. 


Definitely something Moriarty/Coward and definitely something Mycroft/Coward with all the little ways you could flesh out Coward's backstory and/or what happened to him after the first film. 

Was talking about this with [ profile] the_me09 after watching the film and I do like the idea of something, somehow involving Coward being taught by Moriarty and this planting...something that leads to his eventual relationship with Blackwood. Not necessarily romantically speaking. 

Also, Mycroft, yes. I want banter! Which reminds me . . . 

Blackwood/Coward Talky Fic - something super conversation heavy and possibly pre-slash, but which definitely goes into the idea that Coward might have genuinely believed that what they were doing was for the greater good. Something [ profile] unsettledink pointed out when we were rewatching the film.  

And possibly there's this idea of bathtub!fic I might join forces with [ profile] unsettledink on (I would ask her right now but she is dozing next to me and I don't want to wake her up :3 Everyone groan and shake their heads) to the extent that we had this idea for a kind of involved fic that I might write the beginning for and she might handle the rest but WHO KNOWS. 

I wanted to write a second part to the last fic I wrote, Golden Dawn, too. Which ends in an abrupt, strange manner mostly because I was too exhausted to finish it properly. But I have ideas! >.> 

I also want fic for just about everything I've studied so far because that is the kind of person I am. BEN JONSON SLASH! Please! And I don't mean Ben Jonson/Shakespeare or anything like that (although . . . ) but things like Face/Subtle or Truewit/Dauphine. Or lets broaden out to Renaissance drama in general. Tamburlaine/Theridimas! 

And I'm watching Spooks again - which is one of the main reasons I found out LJ existed when I was knee high to a grasshopper. There was a writer in that fandom called [ profile] tigertrapped who pretty much changed my whole idea of what fan fiction could be. I still get a bit intimidated when I think of the people out there who are doing amazing things in their writing! 

Apparently LJ has had a redesign? Some of the modifications do NOT seem like good choices. The main thing it made me realize though is that I hardly ever, ever, ever use most of my icons. I need better icons or more appropriate icons or better icon usage or something! But then. Effort. 
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