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The reason Milton wrote in fetters when he wrote of Angels & God, and at liberty when of Devils & Hell, is because he was a true Poet and of the Devil's party without knowing it.

[info]viceindustrious  is... restocking the olives.
[info]viceindustrious is also... "totally some kind of steampunk sith lord who writes porn" - [info]anneka_neko 

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This journal is for Fandom, and the fruit
Of books and films and shows whose sublime taste
Brought fic into the World, and all our joy,
With kink and capslock, till the End of Days

Welcome to Pandaemonium my journal, I hope you enjoy your stay. Pants are not compulsory. Cufflinks most definitely are

I like to write. I like to talk about writing. I love to talk about my fandoms. The best thing about LJ is the community and I am always, always in the mood to have long and involved conversations with other fen on just about any topic under the sun. Let's talk about the deep significance of Character Y's choice of socks.

explication = love

Most of my fandoms are relatively obscure and/or my favourite ships tend to be rarer pairings. I am a villain addict. Darkfic is how I roll. I love being introduced to new stuff and getting to know new people *waves at you*

I'm a sucker for period stuff. A massive fanboy of all things Renaissance. Paradise Lost is my One True Love. Also: Comics! Theater! Magnificent bastardry! The smell of the cinema and good television that ends up cancelled before reaching a satisfying conclusion.  

Interests (147):

abandoned buildings, american gothic, american psycho, angels, antiques, architecture, armageddon, avengers, baroque, beksinski, belial, black books, blackwood/coward, blur, book binding, brutality, calligraphy, capslock, carnivale, cassius/brutus, cenobites, chaucer, choral music, cicero, cinema, class, clive barker, coffee, comics, coq, crowley, dark ambient, darkfic, david sylvian, deadpool, decadence, depeche mode, dudael, explication, figure skating, fortnums, fragility, gary numan, generation kill, ghost stories, gothic, graphic novels, gustave dore, guy ritchie, h. p. lovecraft, hans matheson, heist films, hellblazer, history, horror, iago, ico, insanity, james bond, japan, john donne, john wyndham, jools siviter, kaufmann, kink, labyrinths, latin, light, lucifer, machiavelli, mark strong, martin grech, marvel, melmoth the wanderer, mike carey, milton, mountains, movies, mst, muse, mythology, night, oingo boingo, oomph!, orwell, othello, paradise lost, patrick bateman, peter cook, preacher, prehistory, prometheus, pulp, rain, rammstein, ravens, remiel, renaissance, resident evil, revelation, roleplaying, rome, satan/beelzebub, scifi, seinfeld, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, silent hill, sin, smoking, snakes, spies, spooks, stephen king, suede, supernatural, tanith lee, tarsem singh, tea, the antichrist, the long firm, the minor key, the ninth gate, the omen, the prophecy, the supernatural, the tudors, the wild swans, the wire, theatre, theology, thomas cromwell, titus andronicus, transformers, true love, tymothy price, vertigo, video games, villains, vnv nation, wanderlust, warlock, wesker, whispers, william empson, withnail, wodehouse
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