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From the lovely [ profile] timewillrewind's Comment War.

Title: The Rules of Intestacy
Pairing: Blackwood/Coward
Rating: PG
Summary: There were no provisions made for the possibility of defeat.
Word count: 459

The Rules of Intestacy )

Title: Henry, the Great and Terrible
Pairing: Blackwood/Coward
Rating: PG
Summary: Coward needs something that Henry can't give him.
Word count: 755

Henry, the Great and Terrible )

Title: Callahan's Law
Pairing: Blackwood/OFC, Coward/OFC, (Blackwood/Coward)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Blackwood shares an intimate moment with Coward.
Word count: 521

Callahan's Law )
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So I finally got my last bit of University work done - just about - or at least, my last bit done for the time being. Now I can enjoy the advent season without thinking about all that, at least for a little while. (Except not. I shall be attacked my spectres of stress until my final year is done with, of course.) 

It was my birthday last Friday. Usually I spend my birthday hanging around in bell towers or lurking in sewers or skulking in caverns. This year by some sort of unlikely miracle, I got to spend it with actual, living, breathing, human people. With me of their own free will (more or less *cough*) and not only that, but wonderful people. [ profile] unsettledink, [ profile] scrapbullet and [ profile] the_me09 :D 

Actually the real celebration of the 16th was that it was the premier of Sherlock Holmes: A GAME OF GODDAMN SHADOWS. 

My thoughts let me share them with you. I am not promising coherence. (Now would be a good time to back away slowly) 

ramble ramble ramble )


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