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THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS: I will seriously not be at all disappointed if you ignore every single thing I say here and go off and do something completely different! Your story's always going to be better when you're writing the thing that's grabbed you! Besides, my love for these little fandoms outweighs any and all preferences I might have.

Anyway, you've clearly got impeccable taste if you're offering one of these fandoms in the first place. I have the ultimate faith in you. :D

But let's see:

I like slash. I really like slash. I like gen. I'm not so enthusiastic about het.

Plot is good. So is porn. I'm on board with any ratio of one to the other. I enjoy fics that are explorations of moments too, scenes with no real plot at all - that just paint a picture of the characters at that time.

I do prefer serious fic over crack and I'm not really a fan of AUs. Angst is good as long as it doesn't get melodramatic. I have a deep, abiding love for darkfic, anything that deals with the unhealthier aspects of relationships, the more unpleasant side of life, emotional problems, violence, power, obsession, abuse, unbalanced, unstable, brilliance etc. This doesn't always mean sombre fic. It can be a kind of celebration of what's messed up; destructive, burning too bright, passionate, crazy, nasty-but-smiling-about-it.

I enjoy reading work that really gets into the character's head. I like seeing how other people interpret canon and interpret the motivations of characters.

All ratings are welcome. I'd be equally happy no matter what, but if you're the kind of writer who can push the limits, high ratings are always welcome. I have no limits there. I love kink too – especially when it revolves around issues of power, issues of consent, manipulation and humiliation and that sort of thing.

I absolutely adore good dialogue, just reading two characters talk to each other, going back and forth. Conversation – it's great, I could read reams of the stuff. As long as it's in character they could be talking about absolutely nothing and I'd still be hanging on every word.

On to specifics about fandoms:

Boardwalk Empire

The atmosphere of this show is wonderful, if you can capture any of that 1920s flavour at all then I'll be incredibly pleased. I love the way they talk to each other, the language, the politics, the wit (or lack of it).

I'd be over the moon if you could write something centred around Capone and Jimmy's relationship. The man brought him chocolates steak as a make up present for pity's sake!

Al is actually one of my favourite characters so anything involving him would be great. Even just a little character study or something like that.

Lucky/Rothstein are another pair that I'd be very interested in seeing explored. Either on a romantic or a platonic level.

Eli is fascinating and I think you could do anything with him and I'd love it!

Honestly, BE is filled with great characters so I don't think you could go wrong, these are just a couple of my favourites though. Oh! Almost forgot, Agent Van Alden – his issues are very tasty too.

American Gothic

Oh Lucas. Doesn't it sort of go without saying that I'd really prefer him to be involved in this fic in one way or another? Lucas Buck is one of favourite characters of all time, his humour, his charm, his menace, his mercilessness, I don't mind what you do with him at all, as long as I get to read it!

I'd prefer something that wasn't Lucas/Gail, mainly because those are the only fics I've come across in the past and I'd like to see something different. I will admit I do have a soft spot for Lucas/Matt. Matt's obsession with Lucas, the spiral into insanity, his alcoholism/unfortunate past, all that stuff is just begging to be expounded upon!

Something looking at Ben's POV of his boss would be great. Ben's loyalty to Lucas is very interesting to me, as is the way Lucas tries to help him/the lessons he tries to give him. The muddled morality and complicated nature of their relationship is wonderful.

And of course, Trinity is almost a character itself!

Mad Men

Pete is one of my best loved characters on this show, not that he's a particularly loveable person exactly, ha! I've really enjoyed following his development throughout the series.

Any sort of slash would be phenomenal, really. All the issues surrounding that are very appealing. Masculinity, repression, self-loathing, temptation, passion, the forbidden.

This is another one of those fandoms where that all pervasive atmosphere would be nice to see represented in the writing of the fic; the suits, the alcohol, the smoking, selling and lies and advertising.

I also really like Lane's reactions to the culture he finds himself in. He's so adorably British (as a Brit myself I usually find that kind of thing to ring a bit false, but Mad Men does it quite well) and when he's drunk he's hilarious.


Ah, if you actually got assigned to write this for me? What more can I say but the fact that it's WARLOCK. This was clearly the film that Julian Sands was born to star in! I've actually seen Warlock: The Armageddon too, which I love equally, especially for: “I'm not a man, I'm a witch!”

Write me something about the Warlock please? It would be a shame for him to absent from the story! I love him when he's being menacing, I love him when he's reacting to some present day item he's not familiar with. You could write it set back in the time he came from or you could write it during the film's timeline or you could write it in the future, I don't mind!

Maybe get into the rituals, the magic of this universe a bit?

Really, whatever ideas may have been floating about your head inspired by this film, just put them down and I'll be happy! I could not possibly be displeased!
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