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So I'm staying with my aunt and uncle and my two wonderful cousins, Dorothy (11) and Isabella (9) and after I got invited into Isabella's room to play blackjack I was treated to an amazing guided tour of all her various Doctor Who toys and posters. 

I decided to ask them some questions about the show. We ended up talking about Sherlock as well and I was having trouble breathing by the end of it. 

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Yes I am posting with this as my subject even though it's the 20th January. Today is the day I'm heading out back to chop up the Christmas Tree for easier disposal! It's also the day I post about the lovely things people sent me for Christmas and other thoughts on the end of the year! 

I love you guys - yes that means YOU )
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 So, not to be miserable, but I've been feeling a bit blue lately. However! Today my bad mood was completely and utterly vanquished for good by the amazing, wonderful, one-of-a-kind, [ profile] unsettledink

I have a postcard! 

I have a postcard from Missouri!

I have a postcard with fic on it! *dances in the street* 

Look on my postcard, ye mighty, and despair! )
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I was talking to [ profile] firestorm717  about postcards and such and such which led pretty quickly to this exchange:

[ profile] firestorm717 : Hm, you know, we should totally do fandom RPing letters between characters? Maybe even form a ring, with one person sending to the next on the list.

[ profile] viceindustrious : YES, woa, YES. That is the coolest idea ever! Am I lame for thinking that's the coolest idea ever? RPing letters. I WOULD BE ALL OVER THAT.

[ profile] firestorm717 :  LETTER RP FTW. You should make a post about it and get unsettled, anneka, and whoever else on board :D We can hash out the details as a group.  

So. So guys. Do you think this sounds like a wicked idea? Is it just my crazy love for getting actual mail?

And oh! With LETTERS character choice of stationary and colour of ink and...and...all of that! It would be magnificent really? PEOPLE? AGREE?

We could have a big old discussion about this on IM if we got everyone to sign on at some particular time. Which reminds me, any of you guys that I don't have on my yahoo contacts need to step up and correct that.


Sep. 8th, 2010 09:45 am
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I'm going to be heading into town to pick up a postcard for [ profile] linndechir  later, since I said I was going to send her one a month ago or something silly like that. 

Does anyone else want one? I promise not to write you threatening messages or insult your family/pets/toaster. Although I might write it in a nigh undecodable cypher since all y'all Body of Lies, Assassin's Creed, Sherlock fans should be well up on your undecodable cyphers. 

A Long A

Feb. 2nd, 2010 09:46 am
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  After having read the same sort of flavor of fic for the past few days, I now have this niggling urge to use words I never normally would. Like 'ghastly'. 

You know, with the long A. 

As in, I have a boxing class this evening but I know it'll be frightfully exhausting and the prospect is rather ghastly.

Problem is. That's all true. Hmmm, if I announce it on the internet will that strengthen my conviction to actually turn up? No, no, I have to go. It's been a cerebral couple of days, I think it's well past time to go punch something. 



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